Let’s chat about where you are at with your clothing. Do you struggle with outfit composition? Knowing where to shop? Navigating a weight loss/gain? We’ll talk about everything that you want to accomplish with your clothing. I will need you to be honest with me and in turn, I promise to show you the same respect by being honest but never brutal.

Wardrobe Refresh

Ever wished that someone could hold your hand while you comb though each piece in your wardrobe helping you answer whether to toss it or make it work? Through our editing process we will work together to make your closet function the best way for your lifestyle. With pieces you love, we will make new combinations enabling you to have, on average, 8-12 additional outfits without purchasing anything.

Shopping List

After we complete a Wardrobe Refresh, I love to provide a list of items that you can have on hand to buy during your next shopping trip. This list will be a guide to help you fill in any gaps within your current wardrobe. For instance, an updated jean jacket or a great necklace can take an outfit from bland to sensational. Plus the list allows you to try trends without spending a fortune doing so.

Shopping Trip

Personal shopping can be combined with a Wardrobe Refresh or used as an individual service. I love guiding clients through a positive shopping experience where I teach them style principles based on their body. On a typical appointment, I will pre-shop to maximize our time together by pulling items that point you in the direction of your style goals while respecting your comfort zone.